1Keeping Stress Low

When your body is stressed, it will discharge natural steroids and adrenaline. In addition, the immune system releases inflammatory cytokines. These aspects will occur whether the threat is imagined or real. If you are the type of person who stays stressed, your immune system will never stop releasing these dangerous signs to your body; this includes the gut. The microbiome is needed to keep the entire system in check.

The immune response and intestinal bacteria work closely together to ensure that all foreign bodies are evacuated quickly and that the response to disease is quick. However, chronic conditions will weaken the health of the gut. Likewise, an unbalanced microbiome will lead to an assortment of immune diseases, including Crohn's and IBS. As you learn to be free of stress, you are also learning how to keep your gut in check.

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Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes is a resident of Chicago, Illinois and works as a librarian and writer. With passions for history and biology, she has adopted a fascination with the gut or understanding of it and all of the roles it plays in the body.