Controlling The Microbiota For Mood

We all have various genes that tend to predispose us to various things in life. While we do have some limited control as to how these genes turn on, there is a new science known as epigenetics - most of the genes we have, we tend to be stuck with. However, if by some chance you have to deal with some serious issue, you are no longer forced to just deal with it. Every person living on this planet has a large collection of bacteria found living inside of them; this microbiome includes our genes.

We have the ability to manipulate those genes in various ways. We can shape the distinct environment that is found in our guts; by controlling the microbiota, we have the ability to compensate for the lack of control we have over the human genome. Our unique microbiome contains 100 times more genes than the human genome, which means that there is 99% associated genetic material available that can be molded to be beneficial to us. This simply means that you have the ability to cultivate good bacteria, which will produce a more stable and resilient mood.

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Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes is a resident of Chicago, Illinois and works as a librarian and writer. With passions for history and biology, she has adopted a fascination with the gut or understanding of it and all of the roles it plays in the body.