Why You Should Start Trying Bone Broth

Bone broth is an ancient style of food that is a well-established part of the history of many cultures; chefs have been utilizing it for many centuries, and its popularity is now in an upswing, according to a recent T.V. show segment. As they say, "what is old will be new again," and modern culture seems to finally be resonating with the long-known usefulness of broth as an affordable means of getting healthy nutrients. It wasn't that long ago that most families kept a pot of bone broth simmering at nearly all times, and we may well find ourselves right back there in time.

Bone broth is very easy to make; all you have to do is boil the bones, such as those taken from chicken or beef, with water, an acid, such as vinegar, and your choice of vegetables, herbs, and spices. You can boil the broth for anywhere between four and 48 hours, believe it or not. There is a myriad of broth recipes, and the following paragraphs should help convince you to start giving them a try.

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Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes is a resident of Chicago, Illinois and works as a librarian and writer. With passions for history and biology, she has adopted a fascination with the gut or understanding of it and all of the roles it plays in the body.