Welcome to Gut Health Problems! I'm Susan Barnes, and I'm happy to introduce you to our team's website about the gut and the long list of issues that stem from having an unhealthy one. It is our hope that through our many guides, tips, and general advice, you will soon be on your way to optimal health and wellness.

Something that many people don't realize is the full importance of the gut and what it really is. When you hear the word, you think of maybe just your stomach. The truth is that your gut is the entire "microbiome" that includes your digestive system and the helpful bacteria that reside in it, from your stomach, liver, and intestines to your colon, and more. And even though it has been known in many cultures for thousands of years that the gut is where many diseases can begin, today, it is typically lost knowledge in regards to the average individual.

So the next time you feel that mid-afternoon slump, deal with some constipation, experience a mood swing, or notice that you've caught another annoying cold, consider that your gut could be a factor. Your microbiome is very important for your overall health and could definitely play a part in each one of these very common issues. And the more dangerous part is that poor gut health may open the door for autoimmune disease.

At Gut Health Problems, we want to educate you on the way that your gut affects you and your overall health and what needs to be done to restore the balance of your gut microbiota. With our guidance, you can be certain that you'll be free from the crosshairs of a long list of pains and discomforts. Thanks for reading and best of luck to you!


Susan Barnes